Me + Him = Love (:

29th October 2012, it's raining outside and i'm writing this because i really miss to speak out here, in my blog.
it has been so long since the last post HAHAHA
anyone here knows this awesome man? Johan Haiqal bin Mohamad Azazlan, 930909-01-****
pfffttttt siap ic number lagi, yes it's him that i always thought before i sleep and the first one in the morning.
it's perhaps such a cliche telling that he's not the first, he'll be my last, but i really mean it :)
i'm soooo glad he is MINE!

17th June 2012, Putrajaya at 4++am
that night, maybe i could call it a wonderful morning cause it is 4am HAHA. i finally answered his question without any plan after 3 months he waits. i said yes (: this is a picture right after i've officially said yes :D

This Snow White and the Huntsman, Alamanda
what's up with this movie? it was the same day the above story happened. 17th June 2012 :)

Baby, be mine forever please? never let me go..i give you my words to not letting you down and please do the same, i love you so soooo much Johan Haiqal <3

Our very first picture together, love you till death..

Eqa Versace <3